I’m David Chadwick, North Dorset Liberal Democrats’ parliamentary candidate.

I grew up in Gloucestershire, next to a farm and where my mum ran a delicatessen, stocked with local produce from all over the South West. Since then I’ve lived, worked and studied across Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany and France. I saw how every postcode in The Netherlands has a well-serviced bus route, how quickly medical appointments are arranged in Belgium, how French independent stores beat off the big chains and how small family-run German businesses can become world leaders in their trade. I saw that things could be different if people want them to be.

I moved to North Dorset because my girlfriend asked me to and now I want to help make North Dorset the best place to live in the country.

This isn’t a pipe dream, it’s quite clear what needs to be done: more affordable housing; more local jobs; better infrastructure, all while preserving the beauty of the countryside.

The West country has a strong Liberal tradition, and I’m here to win it back.